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6 Steps to A Modern Divorce

You know you need to do something.
These 6 STEPS could be just the thing.

Are you considering divorce or separation but not ready or able to hire a lawyer right away? Our FREE divorce preparation platform offers you the opportunity to understand how Georgia divorce law works, learn what documents will be important in your divorce, and identify what issues you will need to resolve in order to finalize your divorce. 

Preparing for your divorce is the best first step you can take toward divorce or separation – the free platform is easy-to-understand, and you can follow the 6 easy steps at your own pace.

How Does It Work?

The 6 STEPS help with your divorce preparation

Step 1 helps you understand the purely legal aspects of Georgia divorce and you can determine which legal issues apply to your situation and which do not. Think of this step as getting the answers to the questions asked by pretty much every one of our clients during an initial consultation.

Step 2 is the information gathering step.  The first thing your lawyer will tell you to do is gather certain financial documents. 

Steps 3 and 4 explain your options for proceeding through the divorce process and how you can work with professionals and other people during the process.

Step 5 addresses how you might negotiate or discuss a resolution with your spouse.

Step 6 provides sample forms which illustrate what your final divorce documents might look like. 

If you need help along the way, you can contact the divorce and family lawyers at A Modern Divorce by Taylor & Weber LLC for comprehensive representation or targeted legal advice and you’ll only pay for the services you need.

You might need assistance to:

  • Draft necessary court filing documents
  • Review a proposed Settlement Agreement from your spouse or a mediator
  • Provide advice and guidance while you and your spouse work with a mediator
  • Learn about how Georgia law might apply in your divorce
  • Consult with you as needed to develop a settlement proposal that supports your goals for your finances, family, and future
  • Explaining the practical consequences of various property division options