Modern Divorce Online

You know you need to do something.
Modern Divorce Online could be just the thing.

Modern Divorce Online is designed for anyone who is considering divorce or separation but is not ready or able to hire a lawyer right away. Modern Divorce Online provides a private space for you, alone or together with your spouse, to understand how Georgia divorce law works, learn what documents will be important in your divorce, and identify what issues you will need to resolve in order to finalize your divorce.  Modern Divorce Online also comes with a complete set of forms for you to file your own divorce.

Modern Divorce Online is the best first step you can take toward divorce or separation – the platform is easy-to-understand, affordable and you can follow the 6 easy steps at your own pace.

How does Modern Divorce Online Really Work?

Modern Divorce Online is organized in 6 manageable steps which generally follow how a divorce would proceed if you hired a lawyer

Step 1 helps you understand the purely legal aspects of Georgia divorce and you can determine which legal issues apply to your situation and which do not. Think of this step as getting the answers to the questions asked by pretty much every one of our clients during an initial consultation.

Step 2 is the information gathering step.  The first thing your lawyer will tell you to do is gather certain financial documents.  Modern Divorce Online provides the MDO Divorce Settlement Tool for this purpose.  The tool and instructions walk you through gathering and documenting the financial and personal information you will have to provide in any Georgia divorce.

Steps 3 and 4 explain your options for proceeding through the divorce process and how you should work with professionals and other people during the process.

Step 5 addresses how you might negotiate or discuss a resolution with your spouse.

If you started working on MDO by yourself or your spouse has stopped working with you, your have still accomplished an awful lot by working this far.  You have done your legal and financial homework and this will save you time and money if and when you do hire a divorce lawyer or mediator.

Step 6 provides the forms necessary for you to document your agreements.  Each form has instructions so you and your spouse can file an uncontested divorce.  Every form can be downloaded directly on to your computer and is fully editable.  You will not be inputting information into boxes and getting a one-size-fits-all product.


If you need help along the way, you can contact the divorce and family lawyers at A Modern Divorce by Taylor & Weber LLC for comprehensive representation or targeted legal advice and you’ll only pay for the services you need.

You might only need assistance to:

  • Draft necessary court filing documents
  • Review a proposed Settlement Agreement from your spouse or a mediator
  • Provide advice and guidance while you and your spouse work with a mediator
  • Learn about how Georgia law might apply in your divorce
  • Consult with you as needed to develop a settlement proposal that supports your goals for your finances, family, and future
  • Explaining the practical consequences of various property division options

Is Modern Divorce Online Right For Me?

modern divorce online is for

modern divorce online is not for

What do you get with MDO

Comprehensive blueprint of how Georgia divorce really works. No scare tactics.
Georgia Parenting Plan & Step-by-Step Instructions
MDO Divorce Settlement Tool

▸ Easy-to-understand form with step-by-step instructions
▸ Gathers all financial information required by Georgia law
▸ Automatically calculates and updates so it is always current
▸ Can be printed and filed with the court as a domestic relations financial affidavit
▸ Automatically generates a Marital Balance Sheet showing all marital assets to be equitably divided pursuant to Georgia law
▸ Automatically generates a monthly budget so you can stay in control of your divorce

MDO Alimony Estimator

▸ Calculates an average monthly alimony payment for your situation
▸ Calculates the duration of alimony payments for your situation
▸ Get a realistic starting point for alimony discussion

Georgia Uncontested Divorce Filing Package & Step-by-Step Instructions

▸ All forms necessary to file and finalize your divorce in any Georgia county

Georgia Settlement Agreement Form & Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are a few reasons why we created Modern Divorce Online for you

With Modern Divorce Online, your case can be resolved by you and your spouse together, with or without the help of a lawyer, or by the courts. 

Whatever path you choose, our SIX STEPS TO A MODERN DIVORCE will guide you through the process saving you time and money. 

If you need help along the way, we provide access to trusted professionals who can support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You offer refunds ?

Due to the instantly downloadable nature of our tools, we do not.

What format are the downloadable tools in ?

The MDO Divorce Settlement Tool is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  All other documents are  Microsoft Word documents.  You will need to have both Excel and Word to fully utilize the platform.

How long does it take to use MDO ?

That will be different for every person depending on the complexity of their situation.

Will I still need a lawyer if I use Modern Divorce Online ?

You might.  We highly recommend that you discuss any legal questions which arise while using the MDO platform with a lawyer you trust.

What does MDO Cost ?

MDO is $195 for the first month and $95 each additional month. Cancel any time.

Are you my lawyer or will you give me legal advice if I use Modern Divorce Online ?

NO. Modern Divorce Online is a “law-related” service and not a personalized legal advice provider. Purchasing access to the platform does NOT mean we are your lawyer because you will have no client-attorney relationship with us.  The platform provides information, resources, and education — but we are not able to give you legal advice specific to you or your situation. If you need traditional legal services, please seek the advice of a lawyer. 

Modern Divorce Online (“MDO”) is not provider of legal services or advice.  All content and material on MDO is owned by A Modern Divorce LLC (“AMD”) which is not a law firm.  AMD is a company providing information, downloadable applications, customizable legal templates and maintains Kelli Taylor and Katie Weber are licensed Georgia lawyers providing legal services through Taylor & Weber LLC. AMD and Taylor & Weber LLC are separate entities and purchasing the law-related services sold by AMD does not create an attorney-client relationship with Taylor & Weber LLC.  If you are interested obtaining legal services from Taylor & Weber LLC contact us.