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A Modern Divorce is a full-service family law firm working with our clients to conserve their time and money. We help you focus on negotiating a settlement that works for your family. Don’t miss your opportunity to stay in control of your time, money, and future.

Free Divorce Tools

Are you considering divorce or separation but not ready or able to hire a lawyer right away? Our FREE divorce tools offers you the opportunity to understand alimony, property division, child custody, and other issues as you negotiate or work towards resolution with your spouse.

Preparing for your divorce is the best first step you can take toward divorce or separation

Alimony Estimator

The Alimony Estimator generates an estimate to help to set expectations and can be used as the basis for discussions or negotiations about the right amount of alimony in your situation.

Divorce Prep Online

Our FREE platform helps you understand how Georgia divorce law works, learn what documents will be important in your divorce, and identify what issues you will need to resolve in order to finalize your divorce.

Divorce Planning Workbook

The Modern Divorce Guide walks you through the most common issues in Georgia divorces. The format is Q&A and is very similar to the conversations we have with new clients.

Divorce Issues Quiz

Answer a few general questions (it’ll take 2-5 minutes) and start moving in the right direction – toward staying in control of your divorce, money and time.