Divorce Strategy Session

What are the rules for a Georgia divorce? What is fair?

Our clients ask us lots of questions, but all of those questions boil down to these essential two:

What are the rules for divorce?

What is fair?

Talk to Us. Get Answers. Make a Plan.

Do you need legal advice and guidance?  Are you concerned that hiring a lawyer means there is “no going back” or that you will end up wasting money and time?

If you want legal answers about your situation, want to start planning for divorce, or want to know what the possible next steps might be, our Divorce Strategy Session is right for you.

Divorce Strategy Session

Consultation with a lawyer to develop a plan specific to your situation.
$ 195 60 minute consultation
  • Video conferencing or in-person consultations are available.
  • One-on-one conversation with a lawyer who can provide you with legal advice specific to your situation.
  • Immediate answers to your questions and advice about specific next steps.
  • Detailed discussion about your finances and children, including possible outcomes and strategies for addressing existing or potential conflicts.
  • Lawyer-client relationship is established and all conversations are confidential.
  • You will not be asked to pay a retainer or pressured to file for divorce.

When you make your appointment, your credit card will be charged.  We will perform a conflict check to make sure that we can take you on as a firm client.  If we cannot accept you as a client, we will notify you and your payment will be refunded promptly.