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Affordable Options

Best Ways to Reduce the Cost of Divorce

Do some of the work yourself.
But do use your lawyer for the important stuff.

Be organized.
Don’t miss dates. Provide paperwork in a timely manner.

Work with your spouse as much as possible.
The more you cooperate, the more likely it is you’re both going to save money.

Listen to your attorney.
You are paying good money for his or her advice.

Avoid court if you can.
If you really want to save money, don’t go to trial. Divorce is enough of a trial as it is.

Offering affordable options helps our clients strike a balance between the divorce they can afford and the divorce they really need.  In addition to the no-cost options above, we offer several ways for you (or you and your spouse) to prepare for your divorce, to understand what your post-divorce future might be, and know how much your legal fees will be throughout the divorce process.

Divorce Strategy Session

The Divorce Strategy Session is an opportunity to talk to a lawyer about your situation and make a plan to move forward.  You decide what you want to do next.

We offer payment plans which will allow you to pay our fees in manageable monthly installments.  We understand that your divorce can be unpredictable and we don’t think your legal bills should be.  Call Us at (404) 448-4600 to discuss your options.